No hassles. No Commitments. No Stress. 

It's 100% free to sell with us. We do everything for you. We market, sell and deliver to the customer. If you are selling prints or photographs, we print it. If it is fine art you're selling, we will arrange collection from you and deliver it to the customer. You don't deal with the hassles of charts, logistics, or marketing. You just do what you do best- create.

Also, if you are new to the whole selling thing, we will also guide you through pricing and strategies of getting your work seen. 


No Hassles. No Commitments. No Stress.








First thing's first, you send us the work you would like to sell to

You will need to send us the following: Images of the work, dimensions, minimum price.

Our staff will look through your work and then decide whether we would sell or not. Please understand that we curate the store for quality control and that we unfortunately not sell everything that is sent to us. 

If you are approved, someone from our team will contact you and start a discussion about selling with us. 

Please note: Selling through us does not grant us authorship to your work. Everything remains 100% yours. You are still allowed to sell your work elsewehere.

NB: If you do sell your work somewhere else, please notify us as soon as possible.



For fine art (note that by fine art we mean a single original work with no copies. Please see Prints for photography and giclee works) we slap on a 30% commission on top of your original price. Once a sale is made, we will organise collection of the piece from you and deliver it to the customer. Please make sure the piece is prepared for collection (we suggest bubble wrapping that baby).

We will also advise artists on their pricing if our team feels that it does not sit quite right. Also feel free to consult us on pricing if you are not sure what to charge. You can also check out our article on pricing your work over here.


First we will come to the agreement on how many editions we will sell on each of your work. IMPORTANT: If you decide on selling 20 editions of the work, don't sell more than that! It will only devalue your work. We suggest if you would like to sell on our store and still sell privately, give us 10 of the 20 editions to sell.

Once we have agreed on the number, we will discuss price. Once again, if you are unsure about pricing, we are more than happy to advise you.  We will add a 30% commission plus printing and setup cost on top of your asking price.  


We will pay your earnings on your work along with a receipt at the end of each month. Your earnings will be transferred into your account of choice. Alternatively, you can always use your Paypal account. 


If there is anything you would like to know that we have not mentioned, don't be afraid to drop us a message below. Don't be afraid, we'll answer anything.

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