We're back for your art. We want it. We want it bad. So bad we're willing to give you R10 000 in cold hard cash for it. Entries close 15 September 2019, so get creative.


We started the Culture Leader Arts Competition last year with the sole intention of showcasing and supporting young South African artists. With over a 150 entries, we picked 10 finalists from each category. Our showcase event exhibited our finalists at the Cowhouse Market in Pretoria where we also announced our winners. Last year, we awarded a total of R45 000 to all of our winners.



We are bringing the same energy (and some more) into this year's competition. We are putting our heart and soul into this competition, and we want to see yours too. The most important part of this competition is to make and submit what YOU want to make. Enjoy it, fall in love with it, be hesitant to want to give it away. Pour yourself into it.

By Liam Harvey, winner in Photography for CLAC18


  • The comp runs from 15 July- 15 September 2019

  • Three categories: Fine Art, Digital Art, Photography

  • The winner of each category receives R10 000.

  • The Finalists will be exhibited on the last weekend of October. The winners will be announced at our showcase event. Event details coming soon...

  • For the full brief and terms, visit our competition page.

We're sticking to our core beliefs for this competition, however, we have made some changes with the hopes of bringing you a better competition:

NO THEME: We will not be implementing a theme for this year's competition. We want to encourage a diversity of themes, ideas, and stories. Through the exclusion of a theme, we believe can explore a range of topics and issues that are important to our local artists.

NO AGE RESTRICTION: We've eliminated our age categories to allow more artists to enter. We do, however, have a minimum age restriction of 18 years.

CATEGORY CHANGES: We swopped out Graphic Design with Digital Art. Essentially it is still the same category (creatives orientated around design can still enter in this category), but it allows for more room to do what you would like to do.

AN IMMERSIVE EVENT: We want to deliver not only a beautiful exhibition, but an event that truly plunges you into local art. We also want to celebrate the end of the competition with a bang, so bring your party hats along. More details about the event will be released soon.

We really can't wait to see what you come up with. Get to thinking, planning and creating. And don't forget to pour yourself into it.

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