Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Creative.

No one thought it would happen. It's unprecedented. For the first time in recent history, more than half the world is legally obliged to stay at home.

Crazy times.

Lucky for us, we're a bunch of creatives that don't need to be told twice to stay at home and make art. We know it's hard and uncertain times for a lot of creatives working as freelancers. As a young startup, we are worried as well. We are glass half-full people, however, and we see this as a time to kick back and focus on those passion projects that have been lying on the unfinished pile for a while. When things get back to normal, those projects might just pay off.

Isolate & Create

We are calling on all Culture Leaders to finish those passion projects and show them to the world. If not, at least stay creative- draw, paint, write, and film as much as you can. Show us what you have produced on instagram and tag us. Show us your process, tell your story, do what you want. Show us what you are doing, and you could win some Culture Leader Merch.

We'll be giving away one Buy Local F*cking Art shirt once a week.

Prompts & Mediums

We'll be giving away one shirt a week based on what we think is the piece of the week. We want to see whatever you are working on in any medium (illustrations, paintings, photos, video, or writing). Post your work on instagram and tag us. If it's a writing piece, email it to us at info@cultureleader.co.za and we'll post it on our blog. At the end of each week, we'll choose our favourite piece and announce on Facebook and Instagram.

If, however, you have no idea what to make, but want to stay creative, we have a few prompts for you. Follow them or not, it's up to you:

1. Micro-life.

2. Aftermath.

3. Stuck.

4. Cabin Fever.

5. Epiphany.

6. Intricacy.

7. Your new Imaginary friend.

8. Vision.

9. Culture.

10. Bare.

We'll be adding more prompts every week. Like we said, these are purely for those who want to stay creative, but have run into a bit of block.

We can't wait to see what you're working on.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Creative.

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