Our competition visuals look good. They look real good. And that's all because of this guy:

The Pretoria-based illustrator and graphic designer Johhny Allison. This dude is a maverick. At 22, he has done work for some incredible brands, musicians, and companies including Jamesons and Aking. He was commissioned to throw up some dope murals at the Trasher's Skate park in Pretoria. He has done everything: Corporate gigs, dream jobs, and passion projects. And he just seems to push the boundaries with every project he takes on.

Oh, did we mention that he won a Loerie last year? Impressive, and you haven't even seen his work yet.

What makes Johnny stand out (apart from his distinct style and overwhelming talent), is his incredible work ethic. He is like a one-man production line when it comes to putting out work. They don't seem simple or put together quickly either. Each project is incredibly detailed and meticulously structured. When you look at his body of work, you can also see that the dude is versatile and unafraid to step out of his comfort zone. This is probably starting to sound like a paid feature, but it isn't. We are just THAT impressed with the guy.

The extremely detailed work of Johnny Allison

Johnny started working with us on last year's competition visuals. We gave him a colour palette and an idea of what Culture Leader stands for and let him loose. He gave us exactly what we wanted, naturally. What we love love about him the most, however, is how passionate he gets about building stronger creative communities and collaborating with other artists. He also sees the potential of the local creative scene. We happen to share those values with him, and that's probably why we work so great together.


We have cultivated a close relationship with Johnny since the early days of Culture Leader. Since then, we have been conceptualising on other collaborations with him which you'll be seeing soon. Very soon.

Johnny will be flaunting his own original fan art at Comic Con Africa this year, and from what we have seen on his instagram profile, there's some incredible MCU and Rick and Morty art in store for us.

We're launching an online store soon and Johnny will be one of our collaborating artists on a launch collection. You'll also be seeing some of his original stuff on the store. Keep an eye on social media and our website for the launch.

If you are a creative and you would like to sell with us, check out our Seller's Page.

We also advise you give Johnny Allison a follow on social media. His instagram page is beautiful, captivating, and colourful, to say the least.

Oh, and check out his BEHANCE PROFILE.

IG: @johnny1allison


FB: @cultureleaderza

IG: @cultureleader

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