2020 did not go as any of us planned. It's been a horror show for everyone. This is not us complaining about what could have been if it not for this global mess, but rather about how we, as Culture Leader, will overcome these challenging times.

Our small team of passionate and eccentric misfits have given their hearts and souls to Culture Leader. We are an ambitious little startup and sometimes we forget that we are, in fact, still little. We have accomplished a lot that of which are proud, but there has been a lot of projects abandoned because we did not have the resources. This year has made it especially hard for us to secure resources and funding for those initiatives we feel so passionate about.

In order for us to survive, it is necessary for the business to adapt and transform. The transformation we are going through, has always been part of our long term development plan for Culture Leader. However, our current situation has forced us to rush our plans. Our business model will change, but our values and goals remain the same- to support, showcase, and empower local emerging artists.

Culture Leader Media

We have set ourselves up as an agency assisting small brands and new startups with branding, marketing, and content creation. Our goal is to help small businesses (that share our values) grow and find a share in their respective markets. At the core of our agency will be you, the creatives that have been with us since day one. It remains vital for us to support young and emerging artists, and we will approach creatives that we believe will fit perfectly into the project and the identity of our clients. It is also our strategy to find ways for brands and startups to collaborate with emerging artists, designers, and creators. 

Aside from agency work, we will also focus on creating our own original content. Our aim is to create stimulating local content for a South African audience. We are very excited to announce that we will be launching two original podcasts in the next few weeks- the first being a variety show about the local creative industry, while the second will be about business and money for a younger audience, ie people that don't know where to begin when it comes to investing, buying property, and building wealth.

Culture Leader Media aims to be a creative agency in every sense of the word. A creative agency with artists at its core and clients that work to make a difference in their communities. A no-nonsense agency that does not exploit its creatives and clients for profit. And a creative agency that is not afraid to pursue passion projects and an agency that truly values everyone they collaborate with.

What about the Online Store? 

We are sad to say the online store will be closed until further notice. We love selling art, and we love the love we have received from the store. Unfortunately, as a small team trying to transform the business, we will not be able to manage a quality online store. We will, however, relaunch the store again once we are able to, financially and logistically. We sincerely hope that this decision does not dishearten all that have been selling through us.

The Competition and Popup Exhibitions

The Culture Leader Arts Competition is a badge of honour for us. We love this initiative and hope to never disband it. It is still the best way we have of directly supporting, showcasing, and empowering artists. However, with the current situation, as well as the transitioning of our business, we are still unclear if we will be able to host a competition this year. We also do not want you give you a half hearted competition, as we try to grow this competition every year. We do hope to have a fully fledged CLAC again next year.

Our popup exhibitions will also take halt for the time being, but it remains a passion project for us. We will keep you up to date when we do start exhibiting again.

Thanks to All

We want to thank every Creative that has collaborated with us or took part in our competitions and exhibitions. We would also like to thank everyone that expressed their support for Culture Leader in the last two years. The amount of love we have received was incomprehensible and much appreciated. We started Culture Leader for this reason- to grow creative communities and to encourage collaboration, love and support between creatives.

But we are not saying goodbye. This is an exciting new step for us and we truly hope that all of you will continue on this journey with us.


Leon Strydom

Creative Director.

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