Good wholesome, informative, local Content.

From time to time, we come up with a few of our own passion projects. We also get passionate about other creators doing the most to bring you wholesome local content. 


We're in the process of launching two of our own projects and looking out for content creators who would like to collaborate with us.

Keep an eye on our social media for any updates on new content launches or projects. 

Upcoming Projects:

Podcast: Good Money

Capitalism bad? Economy confusing? Money root of all evil? All of these states are possibly true, but Leon and David have more glass half-full approach to business, finance, and economics. These two tailor the show for a younger audience who is yet to navigate the world of money (how the f*ck do even start thinking of buying a house, what on earth is mortgage, and how does one do stocks), while exploring ways in which we can use capitalist models and a better understanding of economics to make the world a better place. 

Podcast: The Culture Leader Variety Show

Culture Leader's co-founder, Leon Strydom, explores real creative experiences with real emerging local artists. What's the price of stepping into the industry and is it viable to make a living in the industry. What could we do as artists to grow the industry and what internal changes are going to have to take place to easy access into the industry. 

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