An agency that really, really, really cares

An agency that cares about small business and local artists. We are committed to facilitating collaboration between emerging creatives and small brands to create stunning and unconventional marketing and branding strategies. 

Marketing does not have to be complicated or expensive. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your brand without breaking the bank. 

An agency with small businesses & local creatives

at our core

A small brand collaborator that can do (almost) anything

We work with a diverse group of emerging artists and local creatives which allows us to cater to any of your content & marketing desires.

Branding Consultancy & Visual Identity

Marketing Strategies

Content Production (Video, Photo, Animation)

Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Web Design

Graphic Design & Illustration

Events Management


our Core

We assist small brands and new startups with marketing, branding, and content creation on a shoestring budget. 

We are focused on creating local content as well as investing in local creatives to grow and develop SA's media sector. 

We approach a large group of local and emerging and creatives in all of our agency and media-related work.



Not the Culture Leader You Remember?

We had to make some Changes

Currently, no one's life is going as planned. Same for us. Culture Leader has had to make some fundamental changes to our business model in order to secure our future. Our shift to agency work and media has been part of our development plan for a while, but with these uncertain times, we have decided to implement this shift earlier than what we wanted. 

Our business might have changed, but our core values are still the same- to support, showcase, and empower local creatives. 

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You'll never know if you don't ask. Swing us a message and find out if we can help you. 

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